Newark, New Jersey – Whole Health Initiative – Corporate Interview Videos

Client: Whole Health

Location: Newark, New Jersey

For this project, we were tasked with creating a series of corporate interview videos delivering information on the client's "Whole Health" initiative. Delivered videos are to be displayed on video screens throughout the client's campus.

Many of these videos took the form of interviews with various health care providers focused on how their particular field of expertise can help practitioners as well as success stories that they have personally witnessed.

behind the scenes corporate commercial interview videos new york city new jersey

Interview were recorded on site at the client's facilities and campus over multiple days. Casey Fatchett Photography worked closely with the client to establish a series of questions to ask each interviewee as well as coach interviewees throughout the process to help them feel more natural on camera.

behind the scenes corporate commercial interview videos new york city new jersey

Over the course of the interview process, we recorded videos both indoors and outdoors, due to changing protocols created by the pandemic. Though difficult, we were able to work within these constraints to capture high quality video and audio for the client.

You can view two samples of interviews captured below, one indoors and one outdoors, on the topics of mindfulness and intuitive eating.

This is an ongoing project for the client and we will continue to work with them to create more interview videos with health care providers as well as patients. The project is also set to expand to include recipe videos for instruction on healthy cooking, yoga and breathing practices, use of pressure points, and much more.

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