Little Falls, New Jersey – LECA Academy – Business Videos

Client: LECA Academy

Location: Little Falls, New Jersey

When planning these interview style business videos with LECA, we worked with the client to create topics and questions that would best serve their needs in reaching potential new customers and explaining their services.

Video interviews are a great way of establishing a connection with viewers while also conveying information to them in a dynamic medium. Having video content keeps them engaged instead of allowing them to click away from a static page full of text.

The first video we created was a short introduction to the business, and how it can help dogs and their owners. Created for the front page of the business website and social media, the video quickly informs the viewer about what LECA has to offer.

Our next step was to create a longer, more comprehensive introduction to the business that could be displayed elsewhere on the business website, as well as on YouTube or Facebook.

There are many services available to dog owners, so our next video was designed to differentiate the client from a variety of competitors, including doggy day care facilities, dog trainers, and dog walkers.

Finally, we created a video discussing the concept of 'enrichment' for dogs, as it is a cornerstone of the client's business model. This video helps further differentiate the client from other businesses in their market.

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