Dog Photography Featured on the Daily Dog Tag

Life during the pandemic has been hard on everyone. I worry about our dog, Shadow.

She is so VERY social and she loves to RUN. Seriously, if you saw her at the dog park letting loose and leaving all the other dogs in the dust behind her, you'd be amazed.

dog photography featured

It is truly a thing of beauty.

When everything shut down and she couldn't make her daily trips to the dog park to see her friends and get lots of exercise in, she started getting a little depressed.

When I say "lots of exercise", let me put it in perspective for you. Shadow's collar is basically a Fitbit for dogs and she used to register between 20 and 25,000 steps A DAY!

So, with parks and dog parks and pretty much EVERYTHING being closed, we decided to give Shadow some resistance training with a JollyBall she can drag around the back yard to get more exercise.

She may have been getting less steps, but she was still putting in plenty of work!

I photographed her 'workouts' and shared them with The Daily Dog Tag.

It's nice to have my dog photography (especially of Shadow) featured! You can click here to read the feature and see the photos.

You can also follow Shadow on her Instagram account.

And, if you'd like me to take some pictures of your fur babies in their natural settings, reach out and contact me so we can set up a session! I love doing dog (and other pet) photography!

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