Branding November 4, 2022

Woodland Park, NJ – LECA Academy – Social Media Videos

CLIENT: LECA Academy LOCATION: Woodland Park, New Jersey To enhance the social media reach of LECA Academy for Dogs, we captured...
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Branding November 2, 2022

West Orange, NJ – Yoga Ground – Branding and Portrait Photography

Client: The Yoga Ground Location: West Orange, New Jersey In this branding and portrait photo session for a small business, we...
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Corporate August 30, 2022

Holiday Party Photographer

Looking for a photographer for your upcoming corporate holiday party? Look no further! Casey Fatchett Photography has been covering events in...
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Events August 25, 2022

Celebrity Event Photographer NYC

When searching for a celebrity event photographer in NYC, there are several traits to look for including image quality, discretion, and...
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