Who Wants Better Looking Zoom Calls?

Are you interested in better looking Zoom calls? With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forcing many people to work from home, many more people are using video conferencing than ever before.

While you might dread that next Zoom conference call with your team on Monday morning, I am here to help!

The Keys To Better Looking Zoom Video Conference Calls

First, Lighting is the Most Important Thing!!!

Lighting is going to be your best friend when it comes to your video conference calls. You want as big and soft of a light as possible shining towards your face.

The easiest way to achieve that? Face a window! Windows offer big soft light most of the time. If the sun is pouring straight in through the window, that can be a problem because it is very harsh. If you don't have light colored curtains you can pull in front of the window to diffuse the light, maybe try hanging a white sheet over the window if it is especially bright outside when you're having your meeting.

The key is SOFT light. Soft light is more complimentary.

Overhead lighting is not your friend. And low angle light will make you look like the devil....

If you don't have window light you can use what light is available to you.

A light positioned slightly above your webcam position would be optimal, but work with what you have.

Need a new light for your video conference calls?

I did some research and found two easy to use AND inexpensive options to dramatically improve your video conference call lighting. Each can be clipped to the side of a desk or table and repositioned for optimal lighting.

Each is also powered either via a regular plug OR through USB, so you can attach it directly to your computer. Click the picture or the button below the picture to learn more about each.

clip on USB powered LED light for better Zoom video conference calls
Clip on LED Bar Light

clip on USB powered LED light for better Zoom video conference calls
Clip on, USB powered, LED ring light

Test your lighting!

Don't just think, "Eh, this will be fine for the meeting!" and turn on your lights or sit down next to your window right as you're logging on.

Test out the lighting ahead of time to see how it looks.

Bounce Light

If all you've got is overhead lighting, put down some white pieces of paper just below where you'll be sitting to bounce the light back up onto your face. It's not a great fix but it is better than nothing.

Camera Positioning

This can be hard with video conferencing as your camera position may be determined by your computer itself (camera in a laptop or monitor), but try to get your camera at eye level or just slightly above.

This might mean lowering your chair a little bit. This way you'll be looking up at the camera and you'll be extending your neck.

Did these tips help?

Did you find this post helpful? Excellent! Glad to hear it. I wish you the absolute best looking Zoom video conference calls, and I hope that you all stay safe and healthy.

Tell all your friends at work about these tips and share this post with them.

And then, when this is all over, your company can give me a call to come in and do business headshots for the whole office.

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